The house was quite different from my own, in that everything was so well organized. I felt intense displeasures with organized things, and liked to make a mess of the things in my house on purpose, or put them in somewhat unexpected places. There's no surprise that an author in the midst of writing about the act of writing provides, here and there, a thesis sentence on their project. It is, in fact, somewhat unavoidable, under the circumstance. There may be more straightforward examples in Vaseline Buddha, but the thin frame of the narrator's discomfort in well-ordered home of another provides allows just enough distance for a better picture of a writer "writing about giving up". 1

Jung Young Moon, Vaseline Buddha. Translated by Yewon Jung. 1. Words of Jung Young Moon. From "The Novelist Who Gave Up on the World", by Tyler Malone, for Literary Hub.

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