The New Atomist

Essays on excerpts. An appendage of abbreviated criticism. A writer's reading notebook. Literature at eye-level. A product of Joshua Rothes.


  • 7. Vila-Matas, "...but I'm sure he made it up, and, on top of that, now I'm twisting his words...". Read
  • 6. Wittgenstein, "A particular mode of signifying may be unimportant, but it is always important...". Read
  • 5. Moon, "The house was quite different from my own, in that everything was so well organized...". Read
  • 4. Beckett, "What but an imperfect sense of humor could have made such a mess of chaos...".Read
  • 3. Gaddis, "And when unrest showed on those gray shoals, he put them as dismal ease once more by reminding them that they were...". Read
  • 2. Aira, "The expansion produced by the measurements and the feeling of contraction that goes with fear were overlaid by the world...". Read
  • 1. Saer, "In three or four days the bodies had reached, from the net of tissue and blood where they once struggled...". Read